American Families of Faith

Jewish Families | Episode 03

June 22, 2021

In this episode, we discuss the general life strengths, marital strengths, and parenting strengths of Jewish families belonging to various branches of Judaism. The fabric of ritual and tradition is interwoven in marriage and family life for the observant Jewish families who shared their experiences with us. These rituals, traditions, and observances seem to foster a sense of duty and unity among families in the Jewish community. 

This podcast features conversations about faith and family life between the Co-directors of the American Families of Faith project ( Dr. David Dollahite and Dr. Loren Marks. This podcast is edited, syndicated, and marketed by Laura McKeighen, the Intellectual Products Coordinator for the American Families of Faith project.

If you’d like more insight into how religious families draw on their spiritual beliefs to strengthen their marital relationships and parenting, check out our public scholarship articles at Public Square Magazine.

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